Toward a Future Aflame

Now accepting submissions for our first issue. The theme is vision and dreams. If you would like to contribute please contact us right away.


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The world is changing quickly and those that tell of the future all seem to sound the same. Their dreams are those of efficiency and a more perfect status quo. The dreams of silicon valley elites are not our dreams. We demand futures more inclusive and more diverse than the current visions provide. The voices of the marginalized are routinely silenced. We are not permitted to dream for those with power do not wish us to be a part of their future.

We are the rabble rousers, the infernal tinkerers, the software witches, and the hardware mages. Our dreams will come, welcome or not, like a petrol bomb to ignite the streets of the future with our ideas. We are not always comfortable or safe, but our spark lights the imaginations of the disenfranchised of tomorrow.

Transcendiary is a journal for an age without hope to craft a future that can fit us all in it. When we face catastrophic climate change, out of control late capitalism, the murder of people of color by agents of the state, and countless other horrors we do not hide. Instead we dream of the impossible tomorrow that we just might will into being.

We seek contributions of articles, poems, paintings, photography, and beyond. We look forward to bringing you something entirely different.

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Our Values

Autonomous Futures

We explore an infinity of futures informed by our desires.


We seek to empower individuals to engineer their realities, their bodies, and their minds as they see fit.


We believe any worthwile vision of the future must reject capitalism.

Intersectional Solidarity

We challenge ourselves to be inclusive to a diverse set of experiences, and to actively act to accomodate marginalized groups.

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